Lab Members

Angela Horner, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology, CSU San Bernardino

ahorner -at- csusb -dot- edu


Miles Valencia, MS (Fall 2019 – present

I find ecomechanics intriguing and am interested in studying the relationship between form and function in musculoskeletal systems, and how these relationships change in different environments. My current research investigates tendon remodeling in mice (Mus musculus) from exercise regimens with varying mechanical loading.

Alexander Beechko, MS (Fall 2015 – Spring 2019)

Research interests include functional morphology of vertebrates with special interests in muscle physiology and biomechanics. Currently working on the aging process in small mammalia; force-velocity production in mouse muscles. Recently presented at SICB (Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology) – “effects of aging on muscle shortening in Mus musculus”

Nicolas Schwartz, MS (Fall 2015-Fall 2017)

Completed my graduate thesis on the effects of selection and exercise on nutrient foramen and other femoral properties in mice selected for high voluntary wheel running. I am interested in research in the functional morphology of vertebrates, particularly through the lens of osteology. Currently PhD student at UCR with Dr. Ted Garland.


Melanie Castaneda
Jack Ona
Apolo Ibanez-Rincon
Diana Villalvazo


Jayda Bowens (2019)

Tai Nicholson (2019)

Eduardo Perez (2019)

Bilal Azhand (2018-2019)

Christine Guirges (2019)

Trent Hughes (2019)

Dillon Hua (Spring 2017 – Spring 2018)

Robert Barrett (Summer 2017- Spring 2018)

Stefany Ocampo (Winter 2018 – Summer 2018)

Devon Irvin (Winter 2018 – Summer 2018)

Khiarra Estrella (Winter 2016-Winter 2017)

Jason Randall – (Winter 2016 – Summer 2016; PhD student at UC Riverside in Evolutionary Biology)

Tiffany Patel (Winter 2017 to Spring 2017; MS at University of Edinburgh, current lab manager at Stanford U)

Isabell Augenstein (Winter 2014 to Spring 2016; currently pursuing medical school applications)

Noah Ghossein
(Winter 2014 to Spring 2016; currently enrolled at UC Riverside medical school)

Jennifer Hernandez (Winter 2014 to Fall 2014)

Nkechiyere Eboka (Winter 2014 to Fall 2014)