Welcome to the Horner lab in the Department of Biology at CSUSB!

My research and lab group are focused on the mechanisms that shape locomotor strategies in animals, and how proximate (e.g., traversing different environments) and longer-term (e.g., aging, disease) perturbations may affect performance. My past research has investigated the interplay of substrate and locomotion in a variety of vertebrates, including lungfish, rodents, and ferrets. Since joining CSUSB as an Assistant Professor of Biology in September of 2013, I have focused my research on muscle function in small mammals. Although small mammals such as rats and mice have frequently been used as research models, the integrated in vivo function of muscles and tendons in crouched mammals is still not well understood.



Contact Info:

Phone: 909.five three seven.5597
Email: ahorner-at-csusb.edu
Office: BI-320